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For over 38 years MicroBilt has been helping business assess and manage risk. We believe that any successful company needs access to the right information to make the smartest decisions possible.

MicroBilt's Payment Solutions reduce returns and protect business from ACH fraud, directing all returned checks, electronic checks, and remotely deposited checks to a centralized account to reduce the associated bank fees.

Our payment service products give convenient ways to collect revenue from customers while reducing the expenses associated with returned checks.

MicroBilt's Payment and ACH Risk Verification (ACH Scrub) products are used across industries including Online and Brick/Mortar Retailers and Lenders; Billers; Utilities; Collection Agencies; Grocery; Debt Buying Companies; Insurance and Leasing Companies; Alternative Finance Providers; and Financial Institutions.

G2 Web Services

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G2 Web Services is a global information company that uses technology and analyst expertise to help banks, processors and their partners ensure safer and more profitable commerce. Clients representing over half of merchant outlets globally use G2's solutions to identify bad actors and keep them out of the payments system. Banks, processors and their partners use G2's data, tools and expertise to perform better due diligence and monitoring so they can grow their portfolios while taking on acceptable risk. Widely regarded as the market leader, G2 helps clients confidently handle known and unknown threats and manage changing rules and regulations.

Laru Technologies

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Laru Technologies is a trusted and reliable bank security solutions provider. Our primary focus is detecting fraud and managing risk associated with electronic bank payments and transactions (ACH, wire, etc.). We are dedicated to continuously elevating our solutions through innovation, commitment to quality, and superior customer service. The Laru Solution Suite identifies, resolves, and prevents fraud and network violations while it monitors and manages the risk for both originating and receiving depositary financial institutions. Only Laru scrutinizes every transaction, preventing unauthorized fund transfers, account takeovers, payment fraud, malware, and data breaches. Since 2004, Laru has been giving customers nationwide A Promise Of Security™.

Click HERE to view Laru Tech’s Automated Solutions for Third-Party Payment Processors’ Compliance Reporting Challenges. In the presentation, Laru Tech describes how to automate many of the tasks related to managing complex TPPP relationships. Whether you are a TPPP or a Financial Institution, the alerts and reports enable a thorough understanding of each originator and assists in managing their activities. Click HERE for a handout of the presentation.


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Chargebacks911 provides cutting-edge, highly-scalable enterprise solutions and specialized consulting for chargeback compliance, risk mitigation, and dispute management to acquirers, card issuers, and large-scale merchants. The company's dynamic technologies and tactical data analysis help decrease the negative impacts of chargebacks and disputes, thereby increasing customer retention and revenues.

Chargebacks911 is recognized as the world's leading service provider for comprehensive dispute mitigation and remediation technology. The company has been named Best Chargeback Management Program, Best B2B Software, Best Industry Solution and much more.

Headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida, the company's 350 employees serve global clients with region-specific expertise from locations throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, managing more than 200 million transactions monthly in 87 currencies.

Affirmative Technologies

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Affirmative Technologies, since 1998, is a leading provider of payment processing and risk management platforms for the financial services community. Affirmative's bank and processor agnostic platform offers flexibility to choose one or more ODFI and/or third-party service providers for their payment processing needs. The payment platform is designed to automate operational processes, mitigate transactional fraud and provide superior reconciliation and compliance reporting tools. Affirmative Technologies enables their clients to focus on their core competency, while significantly reducing IT costs and time-to-market. The application adheres to all regulatory bodies governing the ACH Network.

Bureau Van Dijk

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With information on over 200 million companies we are the resource for company data. A key benefit of our information is how simple we make it to compare companies internationally.

Our information includes:
  • What companies do, how they're performing and the people that run them
  • Financial data, legal entity details, M&A activity and news
  • Corporate structures and ownership
Access our information via a range of interfaces that are designed to help different business challenges and streamline workflows. Many of our customers blend our information with their own internal data for superior insight.

Specialties: Compliance - third party due diligence, Supplier risk management, Business development, Data management, Credit risk, Transfer pricing, Academic research, Private company information, Corporate ownership structures, and PEPs and Sanctions linked to companies.

Upcoming compliance webinar: Channeling big data through RegTech - now is the time to future proof your due diligence program.

With the sheer volume of data growing exponentially and the RegTech landscape continuously changing, how do you eliminate reliance on manual processes and integrate next generation technology into internal processes in a smart way? In this webinar, we'll talk about current beneficial ownership best practices, limitations of traditional processes, the role of AI in aiding compliance activities and more.

Register to watch the webinar here