TPPPA Webinars

02/08/20192019 NACHA Rules Update 

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03/27/2018Reg CC Final Rule: What Payment Processors and their Banks Need to Know 
03/06/2018Why Becoming Certified Sets Your Company Apart from the Crowd – NACHA Certified and TPPPA CMS Certifications 
12/14/2017Best Practices in Third-Party Risk Management for Third-Party Payment Processors
11/30/2017New OCC Guidance: New, Modified, or Expanded Bank Products and Services and How it Applies to Banking TPPPs
10/12/2017Compliance Officer Duties in a TPPP Organization
08/10/2017Risk Assessment: The Key to a Risk-Based Compliance Management System
07/20/2017Best Practices for Third-Party Payment Processors: Establishing a Culture of Compliance
07/18/2017Avoiding FTC Enforcement Actions – TPPP Compliance with TSR and ROSCA
07/13/2017Understanding the Implications of New Payments Legislation and the Impact of Chargebacks and Unauthorized Returns
06/14/2017KYCC: What Financial Institutions are Responsible for When Banking Business Customers
06/13/2017What's the Difference Between a Payment Processor and a Money Transmitter?
06/07/2017The History and the Future of the Beneficial Ownership Rule
06/01/2017The Pitfalls of Templates! Proper Legal Agreements in Payments
05/03/2017Politics and Payments: How Policy Impacts Enforcement of Laws and Regulations
04/13/2017Why Doing Business with Businesses is Becoming Riskier
03/09/2017Bank Best Practices in Third Party Payment Processing – Balancing Risk and Reward
03/07/2016UDAAP and Third Party Payment Processors   mp4
09/09/2016Dynamic Due Diligence Requirements for ODFIs and Third Party Payment Processors (TPPPS)   mp4
03/07/2016UDAAP and Third Party Payment Processors   mp4
03/03/2016Third-Party Payment Processors Series Chief Compliance Officer Responsibilities   mp4
02/04/2016Compliance Considerations for Third-Party Payment Processors Critical Compliance Management System Components   mp4
02/01/2016Third Party Payment Processors Risk and Regulation, What you Need to Know   mp4
01/27/2016Telemarketing Sales Rule and Third Party Payment Processors   mp4